May 24, 2024  
2018-19 Catalog 
2018-19 Catalog FINAL VERSION - Closed for Revisions

Campus Policies

Religious Beliefs Accommodation

It is UW System policy to reasonably accommodate your sincerely held religious beliefs with respect to all examinations and other academic requirements.

  1. You will be permitted to make up an exam or other academic requirement at another time or by an alternative method, without any prejudicial effect, if:
    1. There is a scheduling conflict between your sincerely held religious beliefs and taking the exam or meeting the academic requirements; and
    2. You have notified your instructor within the first three weeks of the beginning of classes (first week of summer or interim courses) of the specific days or dates that you will request relief from an examination or academic requirement.
  2. Your instructor will accept the sincerity of your religious beliefs at face value and keep your request confidential.
  3. Your instructor will schedule a make-up exam or requirement before or after the regularly scheduled exam or requirement.
  4. You may file any complaints regarding compliance with this policy in the Equity and Affirmative Action Office.

Safety and Health Policy

It is the policy of the University of Wisconsin System to provide and maintain adequate facilities for a safe and healthy learning environment. Faculty and staff will comply with state and federal safety laws and educate their students on practices and procedures that ensure safety for all members of the university.

Certain courses and research projects may require you to work with hazardous materials. Your instructor will inform and train you on procedures that will maintain your personal health and safety and provide you with information on the hazards of materials you may be using. Before using hazardous materials and equipment, you should review the procedures and information, and discuss any concerns with your instructor.

Smoking and Tobacco

As of August 25, 2014, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point will be a tobacco-free campus. For more information, please visit the tobacco-free section of our website, or call Student Health Services at 715-346-4641.


UW-Stevens Point is committed to sustainability and its practice in our daily operations. Sustainability is the human enterprise of living to meet today’s needs without compromising the needs of future generations, and to be ecologically sound, socially just, culturally affirming, politically doable, and economically viable. We demonstrate our commitment to sustainability through such measures as resource recovery (recycling), composting food wastes, energy reduction and continually exploring ideas to promote and support sustainability initiatives.