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2022-2023 University Handbook 
2022-2023 University Handbook FINAL VERSION - Closed for Revisions

2022-2023 University Handbook

New Feature:

Please visit the Approval of Changes  page to see Handbook revisions approved in 2021-2022 that are reflected in this Handbook.


The University Handbook contains primarily procedures and policies that are subject to approval through the shared governance process, as well as supplemental information necessary to the understanding of University operations and policies.

To ensure that matters within the purview of shared governance are not changed without an appropriate process, policies within that purview are included as text, not as links to pages on the University website.

To remain useful to the University community, the Handbook requires regular updating. Anyone aware of out-of-date information is encouraged to call this to the attention of the Publications Editor or Common Council Chair.

Changes to the Handbook requiring governance approval must be routed through the relevant Common Council committee(s) and must be approved by the Common Council and Chancellor before they are entered into the Handbook. (Certain changes also require approval by the Board of Regents.)

The Publications Editor can make certain kinds of changes without prior approval, which will then be sent to the Common Council as information items:

  • Updating links to Regent and System policies
  • Updating links to other kinds of information not subject to governance approval
  • Updating titles or contact information for offices and units
  • Spelling, grammar, or similar errors

(approved by Common Council 10/6/2021)

Welcome to the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point online University Handbook!

The University Handbook contains the essential policies, procedures and general information which affect faculty, academic staff, and university staff employment at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. The contents include a wide range of topics dealing with UWSP and the University of Wisconsin System operations.

The Handbook is designed to provide a logical sequence of topics that makes the volume easy to use. The first chapter provides brief background on the University of Wisconsin System, a more detailed introduction to the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, and information on institutional governance at UWSP. Succeeding chapters deal with departments and units, recruitment, personnel policies and procedures, polices pertaining to classroom activities, University awards, curricular and program proposals, staff benefits, and other policies.

PLEASE NOTE: For optimal results, please view this Handbook in Firefox or Chrome as Internet Explorer can be problematic.

Searching the Handbook

Searching the Handbook for keywords or phrases is available using the keyword search at the top of the left navigation (“Search Publication”). Click on “Advanced Search” to bring up more options and to limit your search to specific areas of the Handbook. For the most inclusive search, when performing an Advanced Search, please put a check mark in all but “Courses” under “Search Locations.”

Search results can be displayed as “Alphabetical” (alphabetical order) or “Ranked” (with most relevant results displayed first), with “Ranked” being the default selection.

Utilizing the search feature within the Handbook will take you directly to the Handbook page where the word or phrase you’re searching is located. To go directly to the word or phrase within that specific page, type Ctrl + F to display a search bar at the top of the page. Type the word or phrase in that search bar to see all references on that page.

Searchable Index

In addition to the search features embedded within Acalog, there is an index: “Index (Limited Subject)” in the left-hand navigation which provides the option of searching keywords or phrases listed alphabetically. Clicking the word or phrase within the index will take you directly to the place within the Handbook where that specific word or phrase is referenced. This index is currently a work in progress and will continue to be built in the coming months.

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