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UW-Stevens Point Catalog 
UW-Stevens Point Catalog

UW-Stevens Point Catalog

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The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point offers more than 140 diverse undergraduate and graduate programs. The UWSP Catalog is the official source of information for degree requirements, academic programs, course descriptions, and university policies. The catalog is published twice a year.

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Which Catalog Should I Choose?

  • Future Pointers: Use the catalog that corresponds with your first term of enrollment.
  • Current Students: Use the catalog that corresponds to your academic program term requirements, found on page one of the .pdf version of your Degree Progress Report. Generally:
    • Degree and General Education Program (GEP) requirements are defined by the catalog of your first term of enrollment.
    • Major, minor, and certificate requirements are defined by the catalog of the term you declared the program.
    • Academic policies, unless otherwise noted in the catalog, are defined by the current term catalog.
    • Students unsure of which catalog to use should consult with their academic adviser. 
  • Academic Departments: Use the Permanent Working Catalog as a starting point for curricular changes.


In compiling our catalog, we have used the most current and accurate information available to us. However, we reserve the right to change any of the information in this catalog at any time and without giving prior notice. When the UW System or UW-Stevens Point deletes or revises any of the information in this catalog, the changes take effect as soon as they are approved.

To keep up-to-date with changes in curriculum that may affect requirements in your program and the length of time it takes you to graduate, be sure to check with your adviser regularly during your college career.

The provisions of this catalog DO NOT constitute a contract between the student and the university.