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Permanent Working Catalog (Spring 2025 Draft In Progress) 
Permanent Working Catalog (Spring 2025 Draft In Progress)
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CHEM 105 - Fundamental Chemistry

(First of Two in a two-semester basic course) Fundamental principles and theories of chemistry, including (i) Units, Measurements, and Problem Solving; (ii) Atoms & Matter; (iii) Quantum Mechanical Model of the Atom; (iv) Periodic Properties of the Elements; (v) Molecules & Compounds; (vi) Chemical Bonding (Lewis, VSEPR, VBT); (vii) Chemical Reactions & Stoichiometry; (viii) Solutions & Aqueous Reactions; (ix) Thermochemistry; (x) Gases. 3 hrs lec, 1 hr disc, 3 hrs lab per wk.

Concurrent registration in MATH 107  or suitable math placement test score. (See notes 3 and 4 ). Recommended: High school chemistry or CHEM 101  

General Education Designation(s):
Bachelor: NSC
Associate: QL-AD, LS, NW

Typically Offered on the Main Campus:
Fall, Spring, and Summer

Typically Offered on the Branch Campuses:
Marshfield: Fall Only; Wausau: Fall Only

Credits: 5

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