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Permanent Working Catalog (Fall 2025 Draft In Progress) 
Permanent Working Catalog (Fall 2025 Draft In Progress)
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NRES 475 - International Field Experiences in Natural Resources Management

Survey environmental issues and natural resource management strategies in a country other than the United States; compare/contrast environmental/natural resource issues and management strategies with those in the U.S. Completion of this course and associated prerequisites meet the CNR’s summer field experience requirement. Consists of 1 cr spring orientation, 2 wk CWES CNR Summer Field Experiences, 4-6 wks in country (or countries) outside of the United States. May be repeated for credit with different subtitles. Available for graduate credit as NRES 675 .

All of the following: NRES 250 , NRES 251 , and MATH 107 ; and Instructor Consent

General Education Designation(s):
Bachelor: GA

Typically Offered on the Main Campus:
Spring and Summer

Credits: 1-8

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