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Spring 2020 Catalog 
Spring 2020 Catalog FINAL VERSION - Closed for Revisions


Rebecca Stephens, Chair
Room 486, Collins Classroom Center
Phone: 715-346-4757
Email: restephe@uwsp.edu
Web: www.uwsp.edu/english

This department is in the College of Letters and Science  .

Faculty: D Arnold, J Berry, M Bowman, C Brickner, WJ Coletta, P Dyjak, E Felt, L Gantz, P Gott, D Kuzmanovic, R Lorenz-Schumacher, W Mahon, J Marshall, L Morgan, D Roloff, L Schmeling, R Sirabian, J Snowbarger, M Steffes, R Stephens, R Tangedal, C Williams.

Definition: English is the study of literature, language, literary theory, rhetorical theory, and culture, with the simultaneous development of effective writing skills.

English Placement Procedure

For the General Education Program’s Written Communication requirement, you will be placed into ENGL 101  or ENGL 202  depending on your ACT scores.

Notes for English:

  1. English majors in all areas should take ENGL 200  as early as possible.
  2. Sophomores may take 300 level courses with approval of the department chair. English majors may take 200 level courses as second semester freshmen.
  3. ENGL 345 , ENGL 375 , and ENGL 381  count toward the English major/minor and the writing minor ONLY for those seeking teacher certification, or for those who need them as collateral requirements in other departments.
  4. ENGL 274  and ENGL 275  will count for the English major/minor for teacher certification ONLY if you need them as collateral requirements in another area such as elementary education.

English Honors

English Honors provides outstanding English majors the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to produce scholarly, creative, or pedagogical work comparable with that published in discipline-appropriate academic journals. To graduate with the designation “English Honors” you must:

  1. Have a 3.5 GPA in the English major.
  2. Complete the requirements for the English major including ENGL 496 - Senior Honors Project: Product  (3 credits) and its prerequisite, ENGL 495  (3 credits pass/fail which do not count toward the major). This will satisfy the Capstone Experience (Honors) requirement.

Contact the English Department for application procedures and complete requirements for the two-semester honors project.

Notes for Teacher Certification:

  1. Because of enrollment limits in the teacher certification program, some qualified students may not be admitted to English Education courses.
  2. Before applying to the program, you must have completed 12 credits of English beyond freshman English and have at least a 3.00 GPA in those credits, including transfer credits.
  3. Admission will be determined by GPA in English, evaluation of a portfolio of writing, one brief letter of recommendation, and an interview (if possible). Admission decisions will be made before spring semester registration. See the English Department for further details.
  4. Also see information about the Professional Education Program in the Education  section of this catalog, and information about Secondary Education for teacher certification in the Secondary/K-12 Education Curriculum for Teacher Certification  section of this catalog.

English Education Methods Block

 English education majors must take a spring block of classes (second semester junior year) preceding the fall block of English methods classes (first semester senior year).

  1. Spring block, 9 credits: ENGL 345 , ENGL 375 , ENGL 381 . There are no limits on number of credits you may take in addition to these.
  2. Fall block, 12 credits: ENGL 355 , ENGL 356 , ENGL 393 , ENGL 497 , and ENED 396 . We highly recommend that you take no more than 15 credits during this semester.

Note for Writing Minors:

A student may declare a Creative Writing Minor or a Professional Writing Minor, but not both. Neither Writing Minor is teacher certifiable, but a Writing Minor is generally favored by public school employers as a complement to the English Major.

English as a Second Language

For the ESL teacher certifiable minor, see the World Languages and Literatures   section of this catalog.

Academic Standards for English

  1. Anyone may declare a major/minor in English or a minor in writing, or English for elementary education. To be approved for graduation you need to have a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 (2.75 to student teach), including transfer credits, regardless of any declaration of academic bankruptcy.
  2. You must have department chair consent before you will be allowed to repeat grades of D in ENGL 101 , ENGL 202 , and ENGL 150 , as well as English courses numbered 200 and above in which you received passing grades.
  3. English courses are open, subject to availability, to students who are not declared majors or minors.

Credit-by-Exam Policy for English

If you wish to obtain credit-by-exam for any English general education course other than ENGL 101 , contact the English Department chair. The faculty member who most recently taught the course will confer with you regarding date, site, question format, exam length, materials allowable (or necessary) during the exam, etc.

The written comprehensive exam will be based on material normally covered in the course. The faculty member will administer the exam and notify you in writing of your score within two weeks of taking the exam. A passing score is a B- or better. You may not take an exam for credit more than once for the same course. A nominal fee may be charged for administrative purposes.

Language Studies Interdisciplinary Certificate

James Berry, Coordinator
Room 441, Collins Classroom Center
Phone: 715-346-2385
Email: jberry@uwsp.edu

Medieval and Renaissance Studies Interdisciplinary Certificate

Mary Bowman, Coordinator
Room 433, Collins Classroom Center
Phone: 715-346-4338
Email: mbowman@uwsp.edu


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