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Spring 2020 Catalog 
Spring 2020 Catalog FINAL VERSION - Closed for Revisions

Physics and Astronomy

Brad Hinaus, Chair
Room B-109, Science Building
Phone: 715-346-2139
Email: bhinaus@uwsp.edu
Web: www.uwsp.edu/physastr

This department is in the College of Letters and Science .

Faculty and Academic Staff: P Banerjee, A Durbala, M Farzaneh, B Hinaus, M Holdusen, K Menningen, A Steffen, A Stevenson, C Verzani, M Veum, W Weinberg, S Zamfir.

Definitions: Astronomy investigates the nature of celestial objects such as stars, planets, and galaxies, including their magnitudes, motions, distances and periods of revolution.

Physics is the branch of science that investigates the laws of motion and properties of matter. It is often divided into the sub-disciplines of mechanics, heat, sound, electricity, magnetism, optics, atomic and nuclear physics.

Notes for Astronomy:

  1. You may not take both ASTR 100  and ASTR 311  for credit.
  2. If you take ASTR 205  or ASTR 206 , you may not subsequently take ASTR 100  for credit.
  3. You may take both ASTR 205  and ASTR 206  for GEP credit.

Notes for Physics:

  1. To major or minor in physics, you should register with the department office.
  2. PHYS 300 , PHYS 315 , PHYS 320 , PHYS 335 , PHYS 370 , PHYS 383 , PHYS 384 , PHYS 385 , PHYS 405 , PHYS 435 , and PHYS 470  are not offered every semester. See course description for details.
  3. You will not receive credit for a course if you have already successfully completed a similar or more advanced course in the same area. The following restrictions apply:
If you received credit for: you cannot receive credit for:
PHYS 100   PHYS 101  
PHYS 101   PHYS 100  
PHYS 240   PHYS 100 , PHYS 101 , PHYS 201 , PHYS 203  
PHYS 201   PHYS 100 , PHYS 101 , PHYS 240 , PHYS 203  
PHYS 202   PHYS 100 , PHYS 101 , PHYS 204 , PHYS 250  
PHYS 203   PHYS 100 , PHYS 101 , PHYS 240 , PHYS 201  
PHYS 204   PHYS 100 , PHYS 101 , PHYS 202 , PHYS 250  
PHYS 250   PHYS 100 , PHYS 101 , PHYS 202 , PHYS 204  
PHYS 275   PHYS 300  
PHYS 300   PHYS 275  

Academic Standards for Physics Major

  1. To be accepted as a physics major, register with the department office. To be retained and approved for graduation, you must have a 2.00 cumulative GPA (2.75 to student teach) in all courses in the major, regardless of any declaration of academic bankruptcy.
  2. No more than one grade below C- in physics courses numbered 300 or above may be applied to the major.
  3. If you do not meet these standards, you may petition the department chair for consideration. See the Grade-related Policies  section of this catalog for the policy on repeating courses.
  4. All upper division physics courses (300 and above) are open to all students who meet the prerequisites.
  5. For all physics majors listed below, the Communication in the Major requirement is satisfied by PHYS 315  and PHYS 470  or in PHYS 370  and PHYS 470 .
  6. For all physics majors listed below, the Capstone Experience is satisfied by PHYS 470 .

Academic Standards for Astronomy Minor

  1. To be accepted as an astronomy minor, you must have a minimum grade point average of 2.00, regardless of a declaration of academic bankruptcy. The department may grant exceptions.
  2. No more than one grade below C- in astronomy and physics courses numbered 300 or above may be applied to the minor.

Test-Out and Credit-by-Exam Policy for Physics and Astronomy

We will offer test-out examinations for all General Education Program requirement (GEP) physics and astronomy. The exams will cover both lecture and laboratory topics.

If you wish to take a test-out exam, confer with the department chair who will arrange for a faculty member to administer and grade a comprehensive written exam. A passing grade will be at least five percent above the most recent class average. You will be informed of the required passing score before taking the exam. Results will be evaluated and (if appropriate) credit granted by the departmental Educational Policies Committee. You may not take an exam more than once.

Course credit can be granted for ASTR 205 , ASTR 206 , ASTR 311 ; PHYS 115 , PHYS 240 , PHYS 203 , PHYS 204 , PHYS 250 . Credit will NOT be granted for ASTR 100  or PHYS 100  or PHYS 101 , but the GEP requirement will be waived.