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Fall 2021 Catalog 
Fall 2021 Catalog FINAL VERSION - Closed for Revisions

Mathematical Sciences

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Daniel Harnett, Chair
Room D353, Science Building
Phone: 715-346-4127

Nate Wetzel, Coordinator of Pre-Calculus Mathematics
Room D352, Science Building
School Office Phone: 715-346-2120

This department is in the School of Mathematics, Computing, Physics, and Astronomy  within the College of Letters and Science .

Faculty: G Adams, K Bhatia, S Budak, P Dodson, W Fehrenbach, A Felt, H Gonchigdanzan, D Harnett, C Hemenway, E Herman, A Hitz, K Holt, J Juedes, S Kanbir, R Kreczner, M Lee, S Liang, P Martin, C McCabe, M Milkovich, R Mitchell, E Osypowski, G Renfert, D Rohm, T Rood, K Schoenecker, A Schuller, J Strick, E Watson, N Wetzel, T Zhang.

Definition: Mathematics is the study of quantity, form, arrangement and magnitude. It is the study of the measurement, properties, and relationships of quantities, using numbers and symbols.

Mathematics Placement Test

The mathematics placement test is given to all new freshmen as they enter the university. The test covers the material found in the usual four-year high school mathematics program (two years of algebra, geometry, and precalculus) and the scoring varies according to the amount of mathematics you have taken. The test results are used to place you at the appropriate level of mathematics at UW-Stevens Point. At some of these levels you will be able to choose from several courses after examining their prerequisites. If you did not take the test at the time you entered the university, you may arrange for it at the department office.

Math Placement Code Has completed work equivalent to Has completed prerequisites for (or has placed into) Quantitative Literacy Notes
Code CALC MATH 118  and MATH 119   MATH 225   QL requirement is satisfied
Code TRIG MATH 107  and MATH 118   MATH 119  and other courses with a MATH 107  prerequisite QL requirement is satisfied
Code PC MATH 107  and MATH 119   MATH 118   and other courses with a MATH 107  prerequisite QL requirement is satisfied
Code CL20 MATH 107   MATH 109 , MATH 111 , MATH 112 ,
MATH 118 , MATH 119  
Student needs a QL course
Code CL10 MATH 95   MATH 107 , MATH 228 , MATH 255   Student needs a QL course
Code DEV20 MATH 90   MATH 95 , MATH 105   Student needs a QL course
Code DEV10 No UWSP course  MATH 90   Student needs a QL course

Academic Standards for Mathematics Major

To have a major in mathematics approved for graduation, you must have a minimum grade point average of 2.00 (2.75 to student teach) in the math courses you select to satisfy the requirements of the major. In addition, you must achieve a grade of C or better in at least 18 credits in required courses numbered 300 or above. These standards apply regardless of a declaration of academic bankruptcy. The department chair may allow exceptions on a conditional basis.

Additional Academic Standards for Teacher Certification:

  1. A minimum grade point average of 2.75.
  2. Elementary education majors are required to take MATH 228 , MATH 338  and MATH 345 .
  3. Contact the Mathematical Sciences Department early for entrance requirements and application procedures. Also see information about the Professional Education Program in the School of Education  section of this catalog, and information about Secondary Education for teacher certification in the Secondary/K-12 Education Curriculum for Teacher Certification  section of this catalog.

Test-Out and Credit-by-Exam Policy for Mathematics

The principal test-out procedure for mathematics is the UW System Mathematics Placement Exam. You are placed in math courses based on that exam and may place out of the mathematics requirement.

  1. If you do not feel the placement test has accurately reflected your ability, you may retake the test once, OR you may take the final exam for any General Education Program (GEP)  requirement math course. If you score 70% or higher, you will be exempt from that course.
  2. You may also use AP (Advanced Placement) scores to receive advanced placement and credit-by-exam. If you score a 3 or higher on the AP Calculus AB exam, you can receive credit for MATH 225 . If you score a 3 or higher on the AP Calculus BC exam, you can receive credit for both MATH 225  and MATH 226 .
  3. If you took calculus in high school but did not take the AP exam, you may be placed directly into MATH 226  at the discretion of the department chair. If you earn a grade of B or better in MATH 226 , you will receive retroactive credit for MATH 225 .


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