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Fall 2021 Catalog 
Fall 2021 Catalog FINAL VERSION - Closed for Revisions

Political Science

Jennifer N. Collins, Chair
Room 477, Collins Classroom Center
Phone: 715-346-2688

This department is in the School of Behavioral and Social Sciences  within the College of Letters and Science .

Faculty: J Blakeman, J Collins, G. Gunderson, B Mapes-Martins, S Park.

Definitions: Political science is the study of the government and politics of the United States, other nations, and international relations.

Public administration and policy analysis is an interdisciplinary minor, administered by the Political Science Department. For students interested in public service or graduate education.

Academic Standards for Political Science Major

  1. To graduate with a major in political science, you must earn a grade point average of 2.0 or higher (2.75 to student teach) in ALL courses taken in the major, including transfer courses, regardless of any declaration of academic bankruptcy. You may repeat a course in the major only if you follow the course repeat policy found in the Grade-related Policies  section of this catalog.
  2. Begin your study of political science by taking POLI 101  or POLI 180 .
  3. Courses in political science are open to all students who meet the prerequisites.

Credit-by-Exam Policy for Political Science

You may test-out and/or receive credit-by-exam for POLI 101  and POLI 160  by passing the appropriate Advanced Placement Program Examination (AP) or College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Subject Examination through the UW-Stevens Point Testing Service. You must score 3 or higher on AP exams to receive credit, and you must score in the 50th percentile or higher for CLEP exam credit.

You may test out of other GEP courses offered by the Political Science Department. You will not receive academic credit for those courses. To take a GEP course test, first consult with the department chair. The chair will then consult with the faculty member or members who have most recently taught the course and they will prepare a comprehensive written exam. You must receive a B or higher on the exam to have the GEP requirement waived. You may take the exam only once.

The Political Science Department assumes no responsibility for preparing you for test-out examination. Faculty may give you access to course syllabi, but it is your responsibility to access course readings and other relevant materials. You may not apply to test out of a course in which you are currently enrolled.

American Studies

Jennifer N. Collins, Coordinator
Department of Political Science
Room 477, Collins Classroom Center
Phone: 715-346-2439

Academic Standards for American Studies Major

To graduate with a major in American Studies you must have a cumulative GPA of 2.00 in all courses required for the major, including transfer courses, regardless of any declaration of academic bankruptcy. See the Grade-related Policies  section in the catalog for the policy on repeating courses.

Test-Out and Credit-by-Exam Policy for American Studies Major

You may test-out and/or receive credit-by-exam for all General Education Program (GEP) requirement courses.  To test-out but not receive credit for all other courses in the major, please consult with the American studies coordinator. You may take an exam for credit or test-out only once.

Collaborative Degree Program - American Studies

The American Studies major is part of the Collaborative Degree Program where students may attend evening/online classes at any of several campuses. For more information call 715-346-4243.


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