May 23, 2024  
Spring 2022 Catalog 
Spring 2022 Catalog FINAL VERSION - Closed for Revisions

School of Health Sciences and Wellness

Rebecca Sommer, Assistant Dean
2001 Fourth Ave., University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point
Stevens Point, WI  54481
Office: Room D127, Science Building
Phone: 715-346-3766


Academic Adviser: B Konietzki

Faculty: T Akins, J Barge, D Barten, S Bunyan, R Craig, C Durall, J Fischer, T Halkowski, R Henning, S Holbrook, C Huck, A Hussain, S Johnson, T Kay, B Kinslow, B Krolczyk, C Li, D McCarty, C Nimm, J Olmsted, A Pagel, S Reeve, S Reynolds, H Schmies, K Schoonaert, S Scovill, M Shulfer, D Smith, J Steinmetz, D Tang, P Terrell, S Turgeson, T Veith, S Wall, B Weltzin, A Wetter, T Wetter, H Wincentsen, K Zalewski, L Zoromski

Adjunct Support:  B Barrett, K DeSmet, T Dionne D Gibbs, M Goetsch, A Hagel, J Horay, K Hugill, C Imfeld, C Kane, K Kirschbaum, T Kuckkahn, D Lafler, W Limp, K Michalski, K Rauter-Egge, B Rotering, L Wiebe, J Wilfore, C Zolnierek

Support Staff: D Deising, T Firkus, T Molski, C Skebba


ACLP = Association of Child Life Professionals
CLS = Clinical Laboratory Science
COL = Community & Organizational Leadership
CSD = Communication Sciences and Disorders
CYFS = Child, Youth & Family Studies
FCS = Family and Consumer Sciences
FN = Food and Nutrition
HD = Human Development
HIMT - Health Information Management and Technology
HIM = Health Information Management
HIT =Health Information Technology
HP = Health Promotion
HPW = Health Promotion and Wellness
HS = Health Science
HWM - Health and Wellness Management
SFN = Sustainable Food and Nutrition
MCCH = Marshfield Clinic Health System Champions Hall

Academic Standards for the School of Health Sciences and Wellness

  1. You may declare a major in the School of Health Sciences and Wellness at any time. Some majors utilize “premajors” and/or specified requirements for acceptance into the professional components of the major. You must maintain a 2.75 cumulative GPA through graduation for dietetics, family and consumer sciences-teacher education option, and sustainable food and nutrition majors. For these same majors, transfer students must have a 2.75 cumulative GPA to enter.
  2. See additional major-specific requirements listed by program. 
  3. See the Grade-related Policies section of this catalog for the policy on repeating courses.

Test-Out Policy for School of Health Sciences and Wellness

The School of Health Sciences and Wellness will offer test-out for all its General Education Program Approved Courses. The comprehensive written examinations will be based on materials normally covered in the course. Grading will be pass/fail with the minimum passing grade equivalent to the most recent class average grade.

If you wish to take a test-out exam, first confer with the School of Health Sciences and Wellness assistant dean. Then confer with the faculty member who most recently taught the course who will inform you in writing of the required minimum passing score prior to administering the exam and provide the results to you in writing within two weeks of taking the exam. You may take a test-out exam only once.