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Permanent Working Catalog (Fall 2025 Draft In Progress) 
Permanent Working Catalog (Fall 2025 Draft In Progress)


Valerie Cisler, Dean
Room 101, Noel Fine Arts Center
Phone: 715-346-4920
Email: vcisler@uwsp.edu or cofac@uwsp.edu
Web: www.uwsp.edu/cofac

The College of Fine Arts &Communication consists of the School of Design and Communication  and the School of Performing Arts .

The College of Fine Arts & Communication is committed to a broad understanding of the arts, the humanities, and communication as a basis for reasoned, intelligent, and sensitive individuals interacting with society. The college is also committed to a broad understanding of the many aspects of the arts and communication as they relate to a changing world with its dynamic and diverse cultures. Most importantly, the college is committed to excellence in training communication, visual arts, and performing arts professionals. Through its students, faculty, and programs both on and off campus, the College of Fine Arts & Communication inspires, creates, and achieves.

Curriculum in Fine Arts and Communication

Educational experiences and courses for fine arts & communication majors, minors, and general student needs include:

  • History, criticism, theory, and practice in fine arts and communication.
  • Practical applications in the arts and communication through laboratory, studio, internship and other experiences.
  • Production and performance experiences through art exhibitions, music recitals/concerts, plays, musicals, dance productions, master classes, film, radio and television broadcasting, and various other forms of communication.

You may choose a professional program in a specific field or a more broadly based curriculum with a wide variety of choices. You may choose one of the majors listed below or a minor in the college with a major from another area.

There are two schools offering degree programs within the college:

  • The School of Design and Communication has units in Art/Art History, Graphic Design, Interior Architecture, Media Studies, and Professional Communication.
  • The School of Performing Arts has two main Departments:
    • The Department of Music with units in Jazz Studies, Music Education, and Performance; and
    • The Department of Theatre and Dance with units in Acting, Arts Management, Dance, Drama, Design & Technology, and Musical Theatre.

The college maintains national accreditation with all four fine arts accrediting associations: Art & Design (National Association of Schools of Art & Design), Music (National Association of Schools of Music), Theatre (National Association of Schools of Theatre), and Dance (National Association of Schools of Dance) in addition to the Council for Interior Design Accreditation. UW-Stevens Point is one of 30 such universities in the country to carry this designation.

Majors in Fine Arts and Communication

Degrees offered are:

School of Design and Communication:

  1. Bachelor of Arts in art  and media studies .
  2. Bachelor of Science in communication (media studies  and professional communication  emphases).
  3. Bachelor of Fine Arts in art , graphic design  and interior architecture .

School of Performing Arts:

  1. Bachelor of Arts in arts management , dance , drama , and music .
  2. Bachelor of Fine Arts in theatre arts with options in acting , design and technology , and musical theatre .
  3. Bachelor of Music with options in jazz studies , music education , and music performance (instrumental , piano , and vocal  emphases).

Refer to the degree requirements listed in each school’s section of this catalog.

To earn your degree, successfully complete the General Education Program (GEP) requirements , requirements for your major, and approved electives totaling no less than 120 credits. To graduate, you must earn at least 32 credits in courses numbered 300 or above.

If you wish to meet teacher certification requirements in music, consult the Education  section later in this catalog for additional courses required through the College of Professional Studies .

Minors in Fine Arts and Communication

Minors are available in:

School of Design & Communication: art , art history , media studies , and professional communication .

School of Performing Arts: arts management , dance , drama , jazz studies , and music .

College Honors - Fine Arts and Communication

Undergraduate, full-time majors in the College of Fine Arts & Communication who have achieved a semester grade point average over 3.75 are awarded the Dean’s Distinguished Achievement Award.

Affiliated Centers/Programs in Fine Arts and Communication

Faculty and staff members from the College of Fine Arts & Communication are involved in a variety of other programs that benefit the students of the university as well as the Central Wisconsin regional community. These programs include:

  • Aber Suzuki Center
  • American Suzuki Institute
  • Central Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra
  • COFAC Creates
  • Continuing Education Programs: Camp COFAC, Central Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestra, LIFE
  • Edna Carlsten Gallery
  • Festivals: Band, Jazz, Chorus, Orchestra, All-State Music, American Dance, WI Theatre
  • Great Artists, Great Speakers Series
  • Monteverdi Master Chorale
  • SPTV
  • The Pointer
  • UWSP Recital/Concert Series
  • UWSP University Theatre
  • Very Young Composers’ Program
  • WWSP 90FM Radio

Graduate Programs in Fine Arts and Communication

Graduate programs are available in music education and communication. See the Graduate Study  section of this catalog for details.