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2014-2015 Catalog 
2014-2015 Catalog FINAL VERSION - Closed for Revisions

Natural Resources, M.S.NR

This graduate program is administered by the Natural Resources - Graduate Program .


You must earn at least 30 credits in graduate courses that are approved by your graduate committee. At least 15 credits must be in courses numbered 700 and above.

You and your graduate committee will select courses based on you and your research needs.

Your graduate committee must consist of at least three members of the graduate faculty, at least two with home appointments in the College of Natural Resources.

Thesis or independent study courses

You must enroll for at least 3 thesis (NRES 799 ) or independent study (NRES 796 ) credits during each semester you are a full time student.

Natural Resources Courses

Take one credit of

and one credit of either


A maximum of five credits in these courses counts toward your 30-credit requirement.

Comprehensive Oral Final Exam

You must pass a comprehensive oral final exam conducted by your graduate committee that includes questions on your thesis or project and on your courses.

Thesis option or Non-Thesis option

You must complete either the Thesis option or the Non-Thesis option.

Thesis Option

(recommended for most students)

1. Complete a thesis.

2. A maximum of 6 thesis credits (NRES 799 ) count toward your 30-credit requirement

3. Submit a bound and an electronic copy of your thesis to the University Library.

Non-Thesis option

(available only with approval of your graduate committee.

1. You must complete an Independent Study Project.

2. A maximum of six independent study (NRES 796 ) credits count toward your 30-credit requirement.

3. Submit a bound copy of your independent study project-paper to the University Library.

Culminating Experience

You must take a comprehensive final oral examination conducted by your graduate committee which includes questions on your thesis or seminar paper and on courses.