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2017-18 Catalog 
2017-18 Catalog FINAL VERSION - Closed for Revisions

Elementary Education, B.S.

This major is administered by the School of Education . Additional policies for this major are available at this link.


(Middle childhood through early adolescence level. Ages 6-13, approx grades 1-8)

After you have completed 24 credits, apply for admission to the Professional Education Program. For a list of the admission criteria, see this section .

The Elementary Education Major satisfies the Interdisciplinary Studies GEP requirement. For more information, see the GEP  section of the Catalog.

Elementary Education Major: Consists of 87-99 credits.


Required Minor

Complete an approved 22-credit minor or an approved second major: art history, *biology, *broad-field social science, business administration, *economics, *chemistry, *coaching, *cognitive disabilities, communication, computer information systems, dance, drama, *earth science, *emotional behavioral disabilities, *English as a second language, *environmental education, *French, *geography, geology, *German, *health education, *history, *learning disabilities, *mathematics, music, *natural science, *physics, *political science, *psychology, *sociology, and *Spanish.


(* Minors available for teacher certification). See the “Majors, Minors, etc.  ” chart for a list of minors that were established especially to meet the needs of elementary education majors. If you would like to be certified to teach in a teaching minor, you must student teach in that minor if it is not in one of the following fields: language arts, math, science or social science.

State-Mandated Tests

Pass the state-mandated content test and reading test.


State teacher licensing rules may change at any time due to legislative or licensing changes

Capstone Experience