Nov 30, 2023  
2018-19 Catalog 
2018-19 Catalog FINAL VERSION - Closed for Revisions

Secondary/K-12 Education Curriculum for Teacher Certification

This certification is administered by the School of Education .


PK-12 covers early childhood through adolescence level; ages 0-21.

Secondary/Middle covers early adolescence through adolescence level; ages 10-21.

If you complete a PK-12 program in family and consumer sciences; world languages (majors only); music-choral, general, instrumental; physical education; or speech and language, you will be certified early childhood through adolescence level which covers a wide range of all ages in public schools.


Meet the following requirements:

Certifiable Major

Complete at least one certifiable major. You can enhance your employment options with an additional certification in a minor field. For information on the requirements for your major and minor, check with the individual departments and see the section(s) in this catalog on your field(s) of study. Note that requirements for the teaching major/minor sometimes differ from requirements for the nonteaching major/minor.

Take the following courses for certification


Teaching methods course

Take the teaching methods course in your major(s) and minor, if you want to be certified in your minor.

Science and Social Science

Social science majors and minors take

Humanities Course

One humanities course must be a literature course:

Science Electives

Among science electives, you must take one biological and one physical science.

Student teaching, 3-16 credits.

12-16 credits are required for initial licensure. Student teaching will include EDUC 400  or dept equiv. See the Student Teaching  section.


You must formally apply for admission to the Professional Education Program prior to taking upper-level education and methods courses.


Achieve a 2.75 overall GPA as well as a 2.75 GPA in your major, minor, concentration, and teacher certification courses, or be in the upper half of your class before you student teach.


Earn a grade of “pass” or 2.0 GPA (C) or better in all areas of student teaching. You CANNOT be certified if you do not pass or if you receive a grade less than C for student teaching in your major.


State teacher licensing rules may change at any time due to legislative or licensing changes.