Sep 25, 2023  
Spring 2021 Catalog 
Spring 2021 Catalog FINAL VERSION - Closed for Revisions

Economics Minor

This minor is administered by the School of Business and Economics .


Successfully complete 21-22 credits with a cumulative GPA of 2.25 or higher.

Foundation, 9-10 credits

Electives, 12 credits

Complete 12 credits of additional economics courses, NOT including ECON 100  or ECON 200 . BUS 323 , BUS 352 , and BUS 353  count as economics electives.

Economics minor for teacher certification

Complete at least 24 credits in economics. Take 6 courses in addition to those in the Foundation above. We also recommend you take HIST 176  and HIST 177  as electives and in partial fulfillment of the general education requirements.