Jul 20, 2024  
Fall 2021 Catalog 
Fall 2021 Catalog FINAL VERSION - Closed for Revisions

Fisheries and Water Resources: Hydrology Option, B.S.

This major is administered by the Fisheries and Water Resources  Discipline.


The fisheries and water resources bachelor of science degree prepares you for a career or graduate study in fishery science or management, aquatic biology, hydrology, hydrogeology (groundwater), laboratory analysis of water and environmental samples, aquatic toxicology, and the assessment and management of water resources. You must select one of three options: Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences ; Hydrology ; or Water Resources .

The hydrology option prepares you for a career or graduate study in hydrology water resources management, land conservation, and environmental engineering. Hydrology graduates frequently gain employment with environmental consulting firms and state, federal, tribal, and local resource management agencies and are involved in land planning, resource protection, and civil works.

Consists of 92-100 credits.

Water resources electives, 9 credits

Select from Water Resource courses, 300-level or higher. No more than 6 credits of WATR 381  may be used to fulfill this requirement.

Professional Field Experience, 7-8 credits

Choose Option A or B:


The Field Techniques in Natural Resources satisfies the Experiential Learning GEP requirement. For more information, see the GEP  section of the Catalog.