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Permanent Working Catalog (Spring 2025 Draft In Progress) 
Permanent Working Catalog (Spring 2025 Draft In Progress)

Arts Management, BA

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This major is administered by the area of Arts Management  in the School of Performing Arts .

Program Learning Outcomes

By the time you complete all major requirements, you will have gained the following competencies: 

  1. Articulate the role of the arts in community development and civic engagement 
  2. Differentiate for-profit and not-for-profit activities in the arts ecology 
  3. Apply principles of ethical decision making in arts management contexts 
  4. Apply business and communication skills in support of creative endeavor 
  5. Network effectively with artists and arts management professionals

Consists of a minimum of 52-60 credits (depending upon language placement).

Choose one option, 6 credits:

Option 2


If 12 credits of ARTM 480  are selected, only 6 credits of ARTM 480  will count toward the requirements of the Arts Management, BA and the major GPA.

Communication, 6 credits

Creative Arts, 15 credits

6 credits must be 300 level or higher.

College of Fine Arts and Communication

At least 9 credits must come from Art (ART), Theatre (THEA), Dance (DNCE), Interior Architecture (IA), Graphic Design (GD), Medida Studies (MSTU), Music (MUS), or Professional Communication (COMM) courses. You may apply a maximum of 3 repeated course credits toward this requirement for courses which can be repeated multiple times for credit (e.g. music ensemble).

Remaining Electives

Remaining electives may come from additional Art (ART), Theatre (THEA), Dance (DNCE), Interior Architecture (IA), Graphic Design (GD), Media Studies (MSTU), Music (MUS), or Professional Communication (COMM) courses; or from the following:

Arts Management

The following Arts Management courses may be used as electives

(if not take in fulfillment of the requirements above):

Literary Arts


* may be repeated for credit with different subtitles.

Other courses may qualify as electives with permission of Arts Management program coordinator.

World Language Courses, 0-8 credits

Complete a two-semester sequence of university entry-level world language courses (101, 102). The requirement may be fulfilled through equivalent coursework or other language acquisition as demonstrated through a test-out policy (including Native American languages and American Sign Language). If your native language is not English and you can document formal high school or university study of your native language, you may use ENGL 101  and ENGL 202 , or ENGL 150  as a means of fulfilling this world language requirement. Please see the Department of World Languages and Literatures  for details.

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