Aug 08, 2022  
Future Catalog for Fall 2022 
Future Catalog for Fall 2022

English as a Second Language Minor

This minor is administered by the Department of World Languages and Literatures .

Consists of a minimum of 16 credits (not including world language requirement).

NOTE: For the ESL with K-12 Teacher Certification, please see English as a Second Language Minor with K-12 Teacher Certification .


Demonstrated proficiency in English

World Language Courses, 0-8 credits

Complete a two-semester sequence of university entry-level world language courses (101, 102). The requirement may be fulfilled through equivalent coursework or other language acquisition as demonstrated through a test-out policy (including Native American languages and American Sign Language). If your native language is not English and you can document formal high school or university study of your native language, you may use ENGL 101  and ENGL 202 , or ENGL 150  as a means of fulfilling this world language requirement. Please see the Department of World Languages and Literatures  for details.