Sep 27, 2023  
Permanent Working Catalog 
Permanent Working Catalog

Captive Wildlife Minor

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This minor is administered by the Wildlife Ecology  Discipline.

The minor is open to majors in the College of Natural Resources or Biology. Students with majors in other areas must first meet with the coordinator for the captive wildlife minor to be considered.

  1. You must complete CHEM 101  or CHEM 105  , BIOL 110  and BIOL 111  (or BIOL 101  if majoring in  Resource Management: Wildlife Education Option, BS ) prior to admittance.
  2. You must declare and be admitted to the minor before completion of 70 credit hours toward graduation.

Consists of a minimum of 40 credits.


3 credits from WLDL 382  involving captive wildlife with prior approval of internship coordinator.


To be admitted to the minor and to graduate with a minor in captive wildlife you must have 2.25 minimum cumulative grade point average.

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