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Permanent Working Catalog 
Permanent Working Catalog

Multidisciplinary Major, BA

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This major is administered by the Multidisciplinary  Department within the COLLEGE OF LETTERS AND SCIENCE .

The multidisciplinary major is designed to permit you to choose from a variety of pathways to complete a bachelor’s degree. It gives you an opportunity to design your own major using unique combinations of existing offerings that will be coherent and challenging. You must propose your program prior to completing 75 credits, including all transfer credits, to be sure the courses you need are available and can be integrated into your major pathway.

For the multidisciplinary major, you must:

  1. Have a minimum grade point average of 2.75 before you enter the program.
  2. Meet the requirements for the degree type (i.e., B.A. or B.S.) you choose. You will graduate in the School of Humanities and Global Studies within the College of Letters and Science.
  3. Have a minimum grade point average of 3.00 to graduate, regardless of academic forgiveness, in all courses in your major.

You must decide to begin this major no later than the completion of 75 credits. This requirement may be waived in some cases.

You will have to develop a proposal for your major by consulting with the Coordinator in the School of Humanities and Global Studies and advisers from the departments where you will be doing the work. The proposal must include a title, a statement of the objectives of the program, and a list of specific courses.

World Language Courses, 0-8 credits

Complete a two-semester sequence of university entry-level world language courses (101, 102). The requirement may be fulfilled through equivalent coursework or other language acquisition as demonstrated through a test-out policy (including Native American languages and American Sign Language). If your native language is not English and you can document formal high school or university study of your native language, you may use ENGL 101  and ENGL 202 , or ENGL 150  as a means of fulfilling this world language requirement. Please see the Department of World Languages and Literatures  for details.

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