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2018-19 University Handbook 
2018-19 University Handbook FINAL VERSION - Closed for Revisions

Chapter 8 - Staff Benefits

Section 1 - Retirement

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Section 2 - Liability and Property Coverage

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For the most up-to-date information on employee benefits for academic staff, faculty, and university staff, including retirement, insurance, vacation, sick leave, and domestic partners, please see: https://www.wisconsin.edu/ohrwd/benefits/.

Section 1:  Retirement

Emeritus Status

A faculty or academic staff member who has rendered meritorious service to the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and who has served for at least 15 years prior to retirement at this University, may be recommended by the appropriate department or functional equivalent for the title of Emeritus/a.  Such status may also be granted in exceptional cases to those with less than 15 years of service. Emeritus/emerita status shall be granted at the highest academic rank held by an individual, e.g., Professor Emeritus/Emerita. The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point appreciates and encourages the continued association of its emeriti with the University, and it provides, where possible, for the continued pursuit of their scholarly and professional interests.

When faculty and staff emeriti identify themselves as members of the University community, they shall act within their area of professional competence and consider the potential impact of their actions on the reputation and welfare of the University. Faculty and staff emeriti conducting human subject research shall seek approval by the campus’ Institutional Review Board, unless-in connection with the research in question-they abstain from using their emeritus/emerita title and UWSP resources, and from making any statement suggesting UWSP involvement.

Retirement Privileges

The following section applies to all UWSP retired faculty, academic staff, and university staff, except where indicated otherwise. Retirees are encouraged to participate in commencement, convocation, and other such activities.

  1. Upon request, retirees may receive any publications normally distributed to current employees.
  2. Upon annual application, the University will provide parking space according to policy approved by the Chancellor and monitored by the Parking Office.  For information on current policy, contact the Parking Office.
  3. The first priority for office space is for teaching faculty. Office and research space, as well as a computer work station (possibly shared) for retired faculty and academic staff will be provided if available. Availability is to be determined by individual departments in consultation with the appropriate dean or administrative officer on an annual basis. Shared facilities between retirees can be expected. A telephone normally will not be provided.
  4. With the consent of the department, appropriate dean or administrative office, and the Vice Chancellor, retirees may volunteer their services to the University.
  5. All University facilities normally available to current UWSP employees (e.g. University Library, University Center, and Champions Hall) are also available to UWSP retirees. The individual departments/units shall determine which facilities for which there is a charge will be made available for the retirees.
  6. At a minimum, all retirees will have access to an email account within the retirees.uwsp.edu domain.
  7. Upon request, all retirees will be granted access to all those online resources and services crucial for the continued pursuit of their scholarly and professional activities, such as UW-System borrowing and Interlibrary Loan privileges, off-campus access to e-books and online databases, on-campus access to standard-load application software, and an email account with  the same email address as that before retirement.  Any related charges for these services will be the responsibility of the department or the retirees.
  8. Use of official university stationery for research and university service, along with a physical mailbox for retirees, as determined by the department/unit  head.
  9. Access to office supplies, as well as free printing and copying, for research and university service, as determined by the department/unit  head.
  10. The university will maintain and publish a list of emeriti.  If desired, emeriti faculty and emeriti academic staff will also be listed in the respective department/unit directory along with information commensurate with that posted by current faculty and academic staff (research interests, publication record, bio, resume, etc.).
  11. The UWSP Point Card can remain active for retired employee activities, such as Library borrowing privileges and ticket purchases. Should this practice be abandoned, a UWSP ID card indicating retired and/or emeritus/emerita status will be issued.
  12. Same access and ticket arrangements as for current UWSP employees for the use of athletic, recreational and social facilities.
  13. Auditing courses at UWSP at no cost, with the permission of the instructor.

Retirees using UWSP facilities, services, and resources must comply with appropriate State, UW System, and UWSP rules, including those governing the use of Email, University facilities and conduct on University property.


The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point as part of the University of Wisconsin System is an agency of the State of Wisconsin and provided property and liability coverage through the State of Wisconsin’s self-funded programs for most insurance related needs. The self-funded liability and property programs at the UW-Stevens Point campus level are administered by the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Risk Management Office, 101 George Stien Building, 715-346-3901. 

We are required to administer our Risk Management program in accordance with the guidelines provided to the University by UW-System Administration Risk Management and Wisconsin Department of Administration.


The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is currently protected for liability arising out of the negligent actions of its employees, agents and officers through the Wisconsin State Self-Funded Liability Program (SSLP). This program is administered for the entire State by the Department of Administration under Wisconsin State Statutes 893.82 and 895.46.

In order for coverage to exist, negligence must be proven on the part of a University agent, employee, or officer. Negligence can be determined through a four step analysis of the situation in which the injury occurred. The UWSP Risk Management Department will evaluate each liability claim based on these four requirements:

  1. A duty of some type is owed by the University to the third party in the particular situation where injury occurred. For example, the University has the duty to drive safely when using vehicles on public roads.
  2. The University employee, agent, or officer fails to fulfill the duty that is owed, for example, fails to drive safely.
  3. An injury or damage to a third party occurs.
  4. The injury or damage which occurred was a proximate result of the University’s failure to meet its duty.

Based on these criteria, the UWSP Risk Management Department can more clearly determine when negligence has occurred and when claim payment should be considered. Payment will also be dependent upon the fact whether a University employee, agent, or officer was responsible for the negligence and that the individual was acting within the scope of his/her duties at the time of the incident.

Protection can be extended to provide liability coverage for agents of the University (persons not employed by the University such as students, volunteers and other agents) when there is a direct and substantial benefit to the University. Contact UWSP Risk Management for direction of extension of liability coverage to various parties.

The University does not provide liability protection for its employees, agents, or officers while they are acting outside of the scope of their employment duties. In most all cases UW-Stevens Point will not extend liability coverage to external third parties (such as vendors, contractors, external sites, etc.). If these coverages are necessary, contact UW-Stevens Point Risk Management for options to procure external insurance coverage.

If a covered employee or agent is name in a claim, coverage for that individual under Wisconsin State Statutes 895.46 includes assignment of legal counsel and payment of subsequent judgments when all requirements are satisfied. See 895.46 for details and contact UW Stevens Point Risk Management with questions. 

Report all liability cases, claims or concerns immediately to UW-Stevens Point Risk Management at 715-346-3901. See UWSP Risk Management for further campus details. Details on State Self-Funded Liability Program may be found at UW-System Administration Risk Management.


The Wisconsin State Self-Funded Property Program provides coverage for loss of University-owned property, motor vehicle physical damage, business interruption (revenue loss that occurs as a result of property loss), extra expense (incurred after a property loss to maintain operations), and some bailments.

There is no coverage for employee personal property unless this property is utilized for mission of campus with proper written authorization in place prior to any loss. In addition, agreements for loaned and borrowed equipment/property from third parties can be developed when necessary to meet campus mission. Shipments of property valued at and over $50,000 require reporting to WI DOA prior to shipment. Contact UW-Stevens Point Risk Management at 715-346-3901 for details and instructions.

All property claims shall be reported to UW-Stevens Point Risk Management at 715-346-3901. See Property Loss Insurance Claim Process for further details. Details on State Self-Funded Property Program may be found at UW-System Administration Risk Management.


As described in the State Self-Funded Liability Program (SSLP) section of the UWSA Risk Management manual, University officers, employees, students and volunteer/agents are provided liability protection while acting within the scope of their employment or agency through the SSLP. This includes those actions which arise out of the use of an authorized vehicle while on university business. To control the liability exposure that vehicle use generates, University System administrators and/or institution risk managers must monitor the use of vehicles while on university business carefully. This exposure can most effectively be controlled through the use of a systematic driver approval and authorization program at each institution. It is critical that those making the determination on who is authorized to drive remember that driving a vehicle on university business is not a right but a privilege, and the exposure is extreme. All individuals driving a vehicle for university business (including personal and rental vehicles) while acting with scope of employment must successfully complete the driver authorization process through UW-Stevens Point Transportation Department prior to driving.

Use of Personally Owned Vehicles on University Business

University officers, employees, and agents may drive their personally owned vehicles on university business when authorized. In the event of a loss, however, their personal auto liability insurance will be primary to the State coverage. The State will only provide excess liability coverage to drivers when they are using their personally owned vehicles. Property coverage for damage to the personally owned vehicle is not provided. All drivers using their personally owned vehicle for university business shall complete the driver authorization process prior to the trip and shall carry personal auto liability insurance with limits of at least $100,000/$300,000/$50,000.

If you plan on using a personal vehicle for university business, consult your insurance carrier for information on coverage and any limitations.

Vehicle Reporting Accidents

All accidents involving a vehicle utilized for university business must be reported no matter how minor. Follow Vehicle Accident/Incident Kit instructions available in each fleet vehicle and report to your Supervisor. See Accident Reporting for details on reporting including personal and rental. Contact UW-Stevens Point Risk Management at 715-346-3901 for details.

Details on Vehicle Program may be found at UW-System Administration Risk Management Manual Site, Part 7.

Questions on any property, liability or vehicle risk management topic please contact Director of Risk Management at (715) 346-3901.