Aug 11, 2022  
2016-17 Catalog 

Education-General, M.S.E.

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This program is administered by the School of Education Office of Graduate Studies & Professional Development . Admission requirements can be found here .

The MSE-General is for professionals and licensed teachers interested in gaining educationally related knowledge and skills. The program allows you to design a Program of Study that meets your specific needs. You may incorporate credits from several disciplines into the 30 required graduate credits provided you can verify a professional need for them.

Required Program Components

  1. Develop an approved program of study in conjunction with your assigned graduate adviser and submit to the SOE Office of Graduate Studies and Professional Development.
  2. Earn 30 credits in graduate courses. Fifteen of these credits must be at the 700 level.
  3. Foundations courses - 3 credits
  4. Curriculum course - 3 credits
  5. Research course - 3 credits
  6. Earn 21 credits by choosing Option A, B, or C
  7. Complete one of the following Culminating Experiences listed below prior to applying for graduation.


Pass/fail courses do not apply to the master’s program except for the following: EDUC 758 , EDUC 761 , EDUC 772 .

Option A, additional teacher certification

Coursework leading to a state certificate as part of your master’s degree (for those who are already certified teachers): Adaptive Physical Education (860); Alternative Education (952); Bilingual/Bicultural (023); Early Childhood Education (70-777); Early Childhood through Middle Childhood (71-777); English as a Second Language (395); Environmental Studies (615); Family and Consumer Sciences (210); Gifted/Talented (014)l Health Education (910); Reading Teacher (316); Reading Specialist (17); Special Education including Cognitive Disabilities (810); Cross Categorical Special Education (801); Early Childhood Special Education (809); Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities (830); Learning Disabilities (811).

Option B, content specializations not leading to an additional teacher certification

Coursework designed with a specialized focus as part of your master’s degree in collaboration with your graduate adviser, i.e., environmental education non-teaching, coaching, etc.

Option C, professional and subject matter content

Coursework selected to support your professional or educational goals as part of your master’s degree in collaboration with our graduate adviser.

Culminating Experience

Complete one of the following options:

Thesis Option: Write a thesis and a comprehensive examination covering Foundations and Curriculum areas.

Nonthesis Option: Apply to complete the comprehensive examination after completing at least 24 credits from your program of study. This coursework must include your foundations course, curriculum course, and 6 additional credits from your program of study. You may not write on practicum, independent study, or research work. Register for the exam one semester before you plan to take it. For more information, contact SOE Graduate Advising, 715-346-4403.

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