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Permanent Working Catalog (Spring 2025 Draft In Progress) 
Permanent Working Catalog (Spring 2025 Draft In Progress)


Office of Admissions and Recruitment

2108 4th Avenue
UW-Stevens Point
Stevens Point WI 54481-3897
Phone: 715-346-2441
Email: admiss@uwsp.edu
Web: www.uwsp.edu/admissions


Admission Application Procedure

You may apply for admission to UW-Stevens Point by submitting the UW System electronic application, the paper application form available at: https://apply.wisconsin.edu, or through the Common app at: https://www.commonapp.org/.

New Freshman Admission Policy

Admission to the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is competitive. All applications are reviewed on an individual basis with both academic and non-academic factors considered. The university will give strong consideration to applicants with successful academic backgrounds who have demonstrated achievement both inside and outside the classroom. The potential to contribute to a diverse educational community is also considered.

  1. You must graduate from a recognized high school or the equivalent.
    1. A recognized high school is one which either (a) is accredited by a regional accrediting association or state university or (b) is recognized or accredited by a state department of public instruction or equivalent.
    2. An applicant who has not graduated from a recognized high school must provide evidence of ability to begin college work. Such evidence may include but is not limited to: transcripts verifying completion of a home-schooled educational program, GED/HSED test scores (unofficial high school transcripts will be accepted for admission consideration. Cumulative grade point average can be self-reported), ACT/SAT scores (optional and self-reported for admissions consideration, but may be required for scholarship consideration), and/or transcripts of coursework completed in high school. Additional documents, testing, and a personal interview may be required.
  2. Academic Unit Requirements
    Minimum Required Recommended
  English 4 units 4 units
  Mathematics 3 units 4 units
  Social Science 3 units 4 units
  Natural Science 3 units 4 units
  Foreign Language 0 units 2-4 units
  Electives* 4 units 4 units

*At least two of the elective credits must be from foreign language, fine arts, computer science, English, math, social science, or natural science.

For acceptable courses in each academic area, please visit “Admission Criteria” on the First-Year Student Admissions website.

  1. Academic Criteria
    1. Class rank
    2. Test scores: ACT or SAT (UW-Stevens Point does not require the ACT Writing Test.) (optional and self-reported for admissions consideration, but may be required for scholarship consideration)
    3. Cumulative high school grade point average (GPA) (unofficial high school transcripts will be accepted for admission consideration. Cumulative grade point average can be self-reported)
    4. Rigor of high school courses
    5. Trend in grades: the pattern of grades including the pattern in academic courses
  2. Non-academic Criteria
    In addition to academic achievement, the following non-academic factors will be considered: demonstrated leadership; involvement through work experience, extracurricular activities, and volunteerism; personal characteristics and accomplishments including honors, awards, special talents and abilities, and personal qualities; diversity in background and experience; and life circumstances.

    While non-academic qualifications are considered in the comprehensive review process, they will not necessarily make an applicant with a weak academic background a strong candidate for admission.

Admission requirements and criteria are subject to change.

First-year Orientation

As a first-year student at UW-Stevens Point, you participate in a one-day orientation event. During this event, you learn how to quickly and easily adapt to university life by getting to know UW-Stevens Point’s customs, traditions, curricula, policies, and services.

We encourage guests to attend orientation with you. Your guests receive presentations by UW-Stevens Point faculty and staff on a variety of topics to assist aiding in your transition to campus. You and your guests will also get to enjoy lunch in our dining facility at no additional cost to you. For more information, please contact us by email or call us at 715-346-2441. You may also visit the Office of Admissions and Recruitment located in the Welcome Center - 2108 Fourth Ave.

If you are a transfer student or nontraditional student, you may get additional information about our Transfer Orientation events by emailing our office or calling us at 715-346-2441.

Non-degree Students

If you are a high school graduate and want to take a limited number of courses, and you are not seeking a degree, you may apply through the UW System Special Student Application.

High School Students

If you are a qualified high school student who wishes to take university courses while still enrolled in high school, you may be permitted to do so on a space-available basis. You will need to submit a UW-Stevens Point Early College Credit Program (ECCP) application and an official high school transcript. Additional information is available on the Admissions website. You may also contact your high school counselor or the UW-Stevens Point Office of Admissions and Recruitment for more information.

Returning UW-Stevens Point Students 

Complete and submit the UW System admission application form.  We encourage all students to apply online or download a copy here*. You may also request a copy from the UW System HELP Office (800-442-6459) or the UWSP Office of Admissions and Recruitment.

If you have taken college courses since you last attended UWSP, ask each college you have attended to send an official copy of your transcript to the UWSP Office of Admissions and Recruitment, 2108 Fourth Ave., UW-Stevens Point, Stevens Point WI   54481-3897.  (Please Note: We do accept electronic transcripts.)

Students who have served their term of suspension may apply for re-admission by following the same process for re-entry students. No appeal is required as part of the application process.

* To download this application, you will need to have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. This software may be downloaded for free from Adobe Acrobat.

Academic Forgiveness

If you have been suspended for academic reasons and have remained out of school for one or more semesters, you will have the option of electing academic forgiveness upon readmission to the university. Academic forgiveness is the opportunity to start over with a new cumulative grade point average. We do, however, keep all of the work you have done at UW-Stevens Point on your official record.

Admission of Transfer Students

Follow the instructions under Admission Application Procedure to apply for admission to UW-Stevens Point. You will need to submit the UW System application form and have official transcripts from your high school and each college you have attended forwarded directly to the UW-Stevens Point Office of Admissions and Recruitment.

Admission to the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is competitive. Our Office of Admissions and Recruitment reviews all transfer applicants on an individual basis, considering both academic and non-academic factors. We pay particular attention to college-level course work you have completed, including your cumulative grade point average, the rigor of your course work, and grade trends and patterns. We also consider non-academic factors that demonstrate how you will enrich our campus community, including your extracurricular and employment experiences, personal characteristics and accomplishments, special talents and abilities, and life circumstances. While non-academic factors are considered, they will not make an academically weak applicant admissible.

Admission is subject to program capacity limits and institutional enrollment limits. For further information regarding admission eligibility and enrollment, please contact the Office of Admissions and Recruitment, 715-346-2441, admiss@uwsp.edu.

Transferring Credit to UW-Stevens Point

To transfer credits you have earned at another institution to UW-Stevens Point, ask each college you have attended to send an official transcript of your credits to UW-Stevens Point’s Office of Admissions and Recruitment. The Office of Admissions and Recruitment determines whether credits earned at another institution will transfer to UW-Stevens Point and how those credits will apply toward the UW-Stevens Point General Education Program. Please note the following in regard to credit transfer:

  • An official evaluation of your transfer credits will be completed after you are admitted and have confirmed your intention to enroll at UW-Stevens Point.
  • Credit is generally awarded for college-level courses completed with grades of D or higher at institutions accredited by a regional or national accrediting organization recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). Courses must be similar in nature, level, and content to course work in our undergraduate curriculum. Continuing education courses and courses that are remedial, technical, vocational, or doctrinal in nature are not transferable.
  • The appropriate academic department will determine which credits apply to your major and/or minor.
  • We accept a maximum of 72 credits from two-year colleges. There is no limit on credits accepted from four-year universities.
  • Credits transferred from other institutions are not used in calculating the UW-Stevens Point grade point average. The UW-Stevens Point grade point average is determined only by credits and grade points earned at UW-Stevens Point. However, transfer credits and grades ARE included in the calculation of the grade point average in most majors and minors, the combined (UWSP & Transfer) GPA, and in the determination of graduation honors.
  • If your previous institution awarded “split” grades (AB, BC, etc.), those grades will appear on your UW-Stevens Point degree progress report as follows: AB = B+, BC = C+, CD = D+.
  • To graduate from UW-Stevens Point, you must earn at least 30 of the total number of credits required for graduation in residence at this university. For more information on graduation requirements, see the Graduation  section of this catalog.

Transferring Credit from another UW System Institution or Wisconsin Technical College

If you earned an approved bachelor or associate degree from another UW System institution or an approved associate degree from a Liberal Arts Transfer program at one of the Wisconsin technical colleges, you will automatically satisfy the UW-Stevens Point General Education Program requirements.

Transferring Credit from Wisconsin Technical Colleges

If you have been enrolled in the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) and wish to continue your education at UW-Stevens Point, you may be eligible to transfer credits toward your bachelor’s degree in the following ways:

  • If you are transferring from a WTCS accredited liberal arts/collegiate transfer program, you may be eligible to transfer up to 72 credits toward your baccalaureate degree.
  • You may be eligible to transfer approved general education courses (i.e., in communications, social sciences, behavioral sciences, mathematics and natural science) offered within a WTCS applied associate degree program. You also may be eligible to transfer certain technical support or occupational credits if they have been approved for transfer by our academic departments or if there is an approved program-to-program articulation agreement between a WTCS associate degree program that you have completed and a program offered at UW-Stevens Point.
  • You also may be eligible for credit by earning appropriate scores on national standardized examinations and/or UW-Stevens Point test-out programs that are described later in this section of the catalog.

We recommend that you consult the UW System’s online Transfer Wisconsin website for information on specific WTCS/UW-Stevens Point course equivalencies and articulation agreements, or contact the Office of Admissions and Recruitment, 715-346-2441 or admiss@uwsp.edu.

Transferology/Transfer Wisconsin

Students transferring from another UW System school or the Wisconsin Technical College System should consult Transferology to determine exactly how the credits will transfer to UW-Stevens Point. We also encourage you to log in to Transfer Wisconsin, your online source of information about credit transfer, course equivalencies, academic requirements, and general UW System information. If you are currently a UW-Stevens Point student, Transferology is an online tool to view course equivalencies that you may find helpful if you plan to take a summer course at another UW System school and transfer it back to UW-Stevens Point.

Transfer Credit Appeal Procedure

Here is the appeal procedure you can follow if you do not agree with the way we applied your transfer credits to the general education requirements.

  1. Ask a transfer counselor in the Office of Admissions and Recruitment to explain the basis for the current evaluation.
  2. If you earned the credits at an institution that is not part of the UW System, submit:
    1. A copy of the transcript and the UW-Stevens Point evaluation.
    2. A copy of the course description from the time you took the course. (For example, Iowa State’s course description for SOC 105 in 2003.)
    3. A written request for the action you desire.
  3. If you are still not satisfied with our transfer credit evaluation and believe you have sufficient grounds for an appeal, send a written request to the Transfer Credit Appeal Committee, c/o Registrar, UW-Stevens Point. Explain why you feel credit should be granted toward UW-Stevens Point general education requirements. Include copies of the materials listed in 2 above along with the transfer counselor’s response. You must file this appeal at least one semester before you expect to graduate.

Alternative Credit Opportunities

In addition to traditional classroom instruction, there are a number of opportunities available at UW-Stevens Point for receiving college credit or meeting course requirements. These opportunities could allow you to graduate sooner than normal or take advantage of additional coursework outside of your major. If you are a self-learner, have substantial preparation in certain subject matter, or have applicable life experiences, you are encouraged to pursue one or more of the following opportunities.

Advanced Placement Program (AP)

If you are currently a high school student, you may earn college credit if your school participates in the College Board AP Program. High schools participating in the AP program offer college level courses for which examinations are given each May. UW-Stevens Point grants credit for scores of 3, 4 and 5 on all AP exams. AP courses are currently offered in humanities, mathematics, natural sciences and social sciences. If you are awarded credit, it will be entered on your permanent record after you enroll at UW-Stevens Point. Contact your high school counselor or our Office of Admissions and Recruitment at 715-346-2441, or see https://www.uwsp.edu/admissions/Pages/applying/Credit-By-Exam.aspx.

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)

CLEP, also offered by the College Board, offers general examinations covering broad areas such as humanities, natural science and social science, as well as subject areas such as accounting, biology, American history, and psychology. UW-Stevens Point grants credit for acceptable scores on many of the CLEP examinations. Credit will be entered on your permanent record after you enroll at UW-Stevens Point. Contact our Office of Admissions and Recruitment at 715-346-2441 or Testing Services (Third Floor, Delzell Hall, 715-346-4472) for additional information, or see www.uwsp.edu/admissions/Pages/Applying/CLEP.aspx.

Prior Learning Assessment Program

If you have had experiences that have provided you skills and knowledge that are equivalent to college-level learning which relate to course outcomes at UW-Stevens Point, you may be eligible to receive college credit for these experiences. For example, you might be eligible to receive academic credit for prior learning from the competencies, knowledge, and skills you gained through past employment, volunteer work, publications, or your participation in seminars, workshops, job-related training programs, or military training programs.

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

Sally Cayan, Coordinator
Phone: 715-346-2764
Email: scayan@uwsp.edu

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) allows you to receive credit for college-level learning obtained outside the traditional academic setting. Credit is not granted simply for experience, but rather for the demonstrated skills and learning obtained from the experience. The learning is judged by faculty in a discipline to be equivalent to knowledge you would gain through UW-Stevens Point coursework.

Prior learning may be evaluated by techniques such as an interview, demonstration, portfolio assessment, or other methods where appropriate for assessing achievement of specific course outcomes.

For the purpose of institutional policy, you may be awarded up to a maximum of 15 college credits through the PLA procedure outlined below. Credits awarded through the PLA process will appear on your transcript and will be identified as awarded through PLA.

After you have been formally admitted to the university you can request an evaluation of prior learning for credit. Please follow this procedure:

  1. Contact the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Coordinator who will help you identify the competencies and skills you have acquired, and decide which credits might be sought by prior learning assessments and/or by more traditional means. Have transcripts that certify formal educational experience sent to the Office of Admissions and Recruitment.
  2. After you and the PLA Coordinator have determined which credits are to be sought, you will need to consult with the chair(s) of the involved department(s) concerning the preparation and documentation of the necessary materials relating to your prior learning experiences. You will want to consult with your academic adviser and may consult with the PLA Coordinator as you develop the materials requested by the involved department(s) concerning the competencies you believe you have already acquired.
  3. Following preparation of the portfolio(s), take the materials to the chair(s) of the involved department(s). This begins the evaluation phase of the process. The chair may assign a faculty member and/or a committee to assess your portfolio.
  4. After the evaluation is complete, a written recommendation for or against the award of credit, the amount of credit, and the level of credit, will be submitted to the chair of the appropriate department for review. The chair will forward the material and final recommendation to the PLA Coordinator.
  5. The PLA Coordinator will notify you and the Records Office of the award of credit, which will be entered into your permanent record. A fee of $50 for 12 or fewer credits, or $100 for 13 or more credits will be assessed.

Evaluation of prior learning takes time. Please do not assume that the evaluation can be completed during the semester you apply. It may take several weeks.

Advanced Standing/Retroactive Credit

Some departments administer placement tests when you first enroll. If the test results indicate that you should start at a higher level than the entering freshman course, you may have the opportunity to earn retroactive credit for the course. In world language, for example, you can earn up to 16 retroactive credits if you place into 313 and earn a grade of B- or better. Check the departmental listings in this catalog or contact the department chair for additional information.

Departmental Credit-by-Exam

Check the departmental listings in this catalog or contact the department chair for information about this option.


You may test out and/or receive credit-by-exam for any General Education Program (GEP) course at UW-Stevens Point, except for Writing Emphasis courses. See Test-Out and Credit-by-Exam Policy  under the General Education  section of this catalog or contact individual departments for more information about their test-out opportunities.

Additional Information and General Limitations to AP, Credit-by-Exam, and Test-Out

  1. Credits earned through the above policies:
    1. Are recorded on your academic record.
    2. Have full academic value and apply toward graduation and all other requirements as if you had completed the course through regular enrollment.
    3. Are not assigned grades, are not calculated in your grade point average and are not included in your semester credit load.
    4. Do not count toward the minimum 30 credit residency requirement.
  2. You may count 32 credits earned under the above policies toward the 120 credits required for graduation or 16 credits toward an associate degree.
  3. You may be charged a nominal fee for departmentally administered test-out and credit examinations.
  4. The methods for testing and standards for awarding credit or test-out in departmentally administered tests are determined by the department.
  5. Individual departments may have additional limitations to these programs which will be identified in the department’s section of this catalog.