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Permanent Working Catalog (Spring 2025 Draft In Progress) 
Permanent Working Catalog (Spring 2025 Draft In Progress)

Chemistry (ACS Certified), BS

This major is administered by the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry .

Program Learning Outcomes

As a Chemistry graduate, you will be able to: 

  1. Apply the foundational principles of the major sub disciplines of chemistry (Analytical, Inorganic, Organic, and Physical) to identify and explain the chemical and physical properties of matter. 
  2. Demonstrate safe work habits and techniques in the chemical laboratory. 
  3.  Analyze experimental results in order to draw justifiable conclusions. 
  4.  Evaluate, document, and communicate experimental results and chemistry related issues according to accepted scientific standards, as a written report, as a poster, and as an oral presentation. 
  5.  Design and construct experiments to address chemical problems using appropriate methods, techniques, equipment, and modern instruments for the synthesis, isolation, and characterization of matter and for the analysis of mixtures using relevant information compiled from the scientific literature. 

Consists of a minimum of 73 credits.

Note: Required courses marked ** below have Math prerequisites. Depending on your placement score, additional courses may be required.